Photography by Adrian Gaut

From Vibrators to Cake Plates, Goop Comes to Life at Its First Toronto Pop-Up Shop

We didn't see any jade eggs, but the merch is an edited mix of everything you'd expect from the world of GP.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop continues to expand. Its In Goop Health summit is hitting London at the end of June, Goop Men—a way to make the site feel more inclusive and deliver its male readers their own newsletter—just launched and let’s not forget the documentary series with Netflix that Gwyneth Paltrow and chief content officer Elise Loehnen will be hosting and is currently shooting. And opening today in Toronto is Goop MRKT, a pop-up shop inside Yorkville’s Hazelton Hotel that will remain until September 22nd.

Inside the 1,300-foot-square space, you’ll find a selection of beauty, fashion and home decor. Thoughtfully chosen, it’s a mix of best sellers, seasonally appropriate items as well as newness, such as the latest drop from Goop’s G. Label clothing line (brace yourself for sticker shock; a black cotton belted shirtdress is priced at $975) and its recent capsule collection collab with La DoubleJ, designed by former fashion editor J.J. Winter. “They’re perfect party dresses if you’re traveling because you can pack them into anything and then they come out looking perfect,” says Loehnen, when reached by phone ahead of the opening. There’s also “a good rack of swim” and we were particularly struck by the cabinet filled with delicate gold jewelry. And who among us doesn’t like the sight of a good cake plate?

Among beauty, clean heavy hitters like Beautycounter, Tata Harper, May Lindstrom and RMS Beauty are in stock as well as smaller, newer players to the category like Nécessaire and Alpyn Beauty. There’s also vibrators because in 2019, orgasms fall under self-care. Events are planned throughout their stay, including No Makeup Makeup with Beautycounter every Friday in June, ear seeding in July with Deganit Nuur and a visit from perfumer Douglas Little of the line Heretic, who also creates all the Goop fragrances, in September.

Beyond using the temporary shops as a way to bring the brand to life and grow awareness (they’re “really good glue for people to understand what we’re trying to do,” says Loehnen), they are used as a “testing ground to understand how much of the brand currently resonates with the audience,” she says. Though she doesn’t anticipate Goop will ever have stores all over the world, Loehnen says they’re always hunting for where permanent locations will make the most sense. “We learn a lot about the cities, and a lot about the women,” she says. “So we use them as sort of fingers in the air, you know testing the direction of the wind.” Will Toronto welcome Goop with a light, downward breeze or an upward, forceful gale? That should be evident soon enough.

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