9 gold makeup products that will (almost) transform you into Beyoncé

How many times have you heard the term “golden glow” used in reference to spring and summer beauty? Too many, we’re sure. Luckily for you, the look we’re suggesting you try out this season is less of a golden glow and more of, well, smearing as much gold as possible onto your face. Hear us out.

We’re not talking about that gold facial that Bar Refaeli got last year (though that does sound amazing). Instead of subtly amping up your makeup routine as the weather gets warmer with hints of gold shimmer in your bronzer, forego subtlety altogether and opt for a brave gold-on-gold-on-gold…on-gold look. We’re talking eyes, lips, skin and nails. If you’re not glittering and glistening like you’re in a Beyoncé music video, then you’ve done it wrong.

Whether they’re highly pigmented or sheer (yet always statement-making), gold makeup products are easily the most glam way to execute the monochromatic beauty look we love. We even threw in a 24k gold face mask for good measure.

See our 10 favourite gold makeup product picks below.