Photography courtesy of Glow Recipe Skincare

This Face Mask is Perfect For National Avocado Day And Beyond

Glow Recipe gives its best-selling watermelon mask a twist.

You’d be hard pressed in this day and age to walk into a café and not find a version of avocado toast on the menu. It’s reached the point where the dish has not only taken over the food scene, but developed into something bigger, transcending its spot on the plate to become a cultural symbol of sorts and (let’s not forget) the butt of almost every millennial joke.

But while it’s clear we are living in avocado crazed times, the green pear-shaped fruit hadn’t reached the skincare industry until now, with the launch of Glow Recipe’s  Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask.

You may already know about the brand’s watermelon version. The millennial pink mask was an instant hit with customers, selling out seven times over on their website and garnering a wait list of more than 8,000 people at Sephora. “People loved the lightweight texture and the AHAs that resurfaced skin effectively,” says Sarah Lee, co-CEO and co-founder of Glow Recipe. “We heard from our customers that they wanted the same benefits but needed extra moisture.”

That’s where avocado came in. With its nourishing qualities, the antioxidant-rich fruit made the perfect new hero ingredient. It’s a creamier version of its pastel pink sibling and adds a huge boost of hydration–something much needed now that winter is upon us. “It features avocado in a high concentration,” says Christine Chang, fellow co-founder and co-CEO. “74% of the formula contains four forms of avocado: avocado extract, avocado oil, avocado butter, and avocado flesh.”

This new formula also includes soothing Manuka honey and Polyhydroxy Acids or PHA’s to offer gentle exfoliation and give a calming effect to skin. So come to this mask for the avocado fever, but stay for the soothing and hydrating formula.

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