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16 Great Dupes For Your Favourite Glossier Products

"It’s Vaseline. It’s literally Vaseline."

We have a lot to thank social media for (memes, product reviews, keeping us connected with friends and family around the globe, more memes) but one thing that often gets overlooked is dupe culture. (Yes, it’s a culture.)

The Instagram account @DupeThat has 1.2 million followers, and is 100% dedicated to finding testing, swatching and finding the best beauty product dupes on the market. Our own Kylie Lip Kits dupes story is consistently one of our most popular pieces on our website—and has been for over two years.

Mega-popular subreddit, MakeupAddiction, created a “Dupes List” four years ago, that has hundreds of comments. And that’s just one example. There’s also “Accidental Dupes,” drugstore dupes that are better than the original, skincare dupes, and so much more.

So when Twitter user @saintdyana (whose real name is Erin), a former Glossier rep, posted a complete list of Glossier dupes on her website, it unsurprisingly went viral.

“While they do have some good products, they’re not totally unique,” she writes. “And I’m telling you that as someone that was a Glossier Rep for a while, I’ve tried every single one of their products (except Super Pure).”

Below, we’ve compiled a gallery of Erin’s Glossier dupes suggestions, as well as her explanation of each one.

The following opinions do not necessarily represent our own. While we haven’t tried every dupe mentioned, we can say there are some great, accurate and affordable dupes in the gallery below.