Get lashes like the Kardashians and then some

Photography by Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Photography by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Even without sitting through an entire episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” we bet you could guess which (above the waist) assets have helped the three sisters rise to fame: their thick, luscious and enormous eyelashes, of course. Lash extensions have been popular in doe-eyed loving countries, like Korea, for decades but they’re a recent and rising craze in North America thanks to lash-wearers, like the Kardashians and other red-carpeters. Yonette Joris, the founder of Winks Eyelash Boutique in Toronto, cites the sisters as the top requested sets to mimic, though we can’t help but assume that Elizabeth Taylor’s famed “double-set” lashes will climb in popularity after her passing last week.

Lash application at Winks.

Similar to a nail salon but specializing in lashes, Winks is an appointment-only spa where you widen your eyes in the name of a makeup-free face or some seriously amped-up glam.  Lash-artists working in the boutique are trained in-house and specially licensed to perform the treatment. Available as individual lashes, stripes or flares (a burst of length on the outer corners), extensions are made from silk, mink or synthetic materials. After Joris has customized a set based on your lifestyle, like how often you get sweaty at the gym, and face shape, extensions are attached to the tips of your natural lashes with medical-grade adhesive. You get to call the shots on how buxom you want ‘em⎯lengths range from 8mm to a Kardashian-esque 15mm. And here’s the best feature: they’ll stay put for up to 4 weeks if you’re gentle while washing!

Three weeks, a few workouts and plenty of face-washing after my set were applied, my 50 lashes-per-eye are in-tact and the compliments are coming in waves. Though they’re considerably pricier than mascara⎯prices range from $90 to $375⎯the fact that I look well-rested and, truthfully, younger means lash extensions are worth my investment. The fact that my makeup-free eyes afford me an extra 20 minutes in the morning? Well, that’s definitely an added bonus.

Winks Lash Boutique (257 Danforth Avenue, 416-405-9465,