How to get bombshell eyelashes just like Katy Perry

get eyelashes like Katy Perry
Photography by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
get eyelashes like Katy Perry
Photography by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

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Katy Perry is something of a beauty chameleon. She’s sampled almost every hair colour, can rock a statement lip just as well as a neutral shade and her big blue eyes are completely captivating. While her makeup routine is no doubt always changing, one thing remains consistent: Perry’s bombshell eyelashes. Full of volume, the secret to her iconic lashes is more than an excellent mascara—it’s the work of lash extensions.

We spoke to Good Gosh Beauty extension expert Lauren Kurtz about our quest to get the Katy Perry look. Whether you want to try a set of lash extensions or aspire to DIY it at home with false lashes, Kurtz has you covered. If you have small or brittle lashes, extensions are a great way to naturally enhance your eyes. One-by-one, a lash artist will adhere individual synthetic lashes onto your own, making them longer, thicker and curvier—and they can last up to a month. If it’s just a one-night fix you seek, Kurtz shares her foolproof tips for false eyelash application. Read on and see just how easy is it to get Katy Perry’s bombshell eyelash look.

Option 1: Go to a lash artist
If you don’t have a photo of Katy Perry handy, ask for regular or thick volume lashes in a B or C shaped curl, in lengths ranging from 9mm to 14mm. Your lash artist should apply the longest lashes to the centre of the eye for a big, open-eyed bombshell effect. Try: The Audrey lash extensions ($200,

Tip: Have lashes applied at least two days before your debut as the adhesive needs 24-48 hours to fully cure. Keep them dry and away from water during that period (shower and wash your hair the morning of your lash appointment). The final results are fireworks!

Option 2: DIY your lashes at home
One: Choose a set of dense, evenly dispersed lashes with the longest lashes in the center of the strip (not the end, or else it will look more cat-eye than bombshell). Try: Make Up For Ever False Lashes in “Renee” ($19,

Two: Curl and apply mascara, such as Cover Girl Bombshell Volume Mascara ($12, available December 2013 at drugstores), to your own lashes before you begin. This will help them blend seamlessly with the artificial set.

Tip: Apply eyeliner close to your lash line. This will help conceal your eyelid, especially if your first application attempt is a little off-balance.

Three: Carefully peel each strip out of its case (save the case, as all lashes are reusable) and, before applying any adhesive, measure the lashes by lightly pressing each strip’s inner corner to the inner corners of your natural lashes. If the false lashes are longer than your natural lash line, trim small amounts at a time from the outer corners of the strip only until it fits the length of your eyelid.

Tip: If your eyes turn downwards at the outer corners, trim the lash strips so they end  before  your own lashes, as this will create more of a lift.

Four: Wiggle the lash strip by holding each end of the band between thumb and index finger (like a teeter-totter). Once it’s softened up, it will shape more easily to your eye. Apply a thin line of Duo Eyelash Adhesive ($12, to the band of the strip and wave delicately in the air for 10 seconds until the glue is slightly tacky—this makes it easier to maneuver on the lash line. 

Five: Using tweezers or your fingers, match the inner corners of the strip and your own lashes, slowly press the strip band on your natural lashes and work your way to the outer corners. Move the band up or down until it’s dry and feels comfortable.

Tip: Tilt your head back when applying and, if possible, use a magnifying mirror for a better view.

Six: At the end of the night, gently peel the lash strip off, clean the strip with an oil-free eye makeup remover, such as Philosophy Just Release Me Makeup Remover ($23, and replace them in the case they came in. They can be reused until they look sparse or misshapen.

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