One Tube of Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Is Sold Every Minute Worldwide

When Fresh launched their Soy Face Cleanser back in 2000, it was the brand’s first skincare product. The goal was to create a universal cleanser for all types that could also be used around the eyes. Around the same time, soy beans were being touted in the nutritional world for their high amino acid content, which are required to build protein in the body. “We thought that sounded very interesting to reset and rebalance the skin,” says co-founder Lev Glazman. Added to that is rosewater for calming, cucumber extract for soothing and borage seed oil to nourish. It jumpstarted the rest of Fresh’s skincare items like their masks and treatments yet anytime Glazman is in one of their shops and is asked what’s the one thing you need to buy, he cites Soy Face Cleanser. “It’s our unsung hero and really represents the brand philosophy.”

To celebrate nearly 20 years since it came out , Fresh enlisted fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein to re-imagine the “Soy Girl” who appeared on the original packaging wrapped in white towels. Breitenstein drew two girls washing their faces using watercolour and markers, and it adorns a limited edition version that launches today on Sephora. And the special, jumbo 200 ml size is sure to please those who make it the brand’s #1 product, with one sold every minute worldwide.

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