Fitness: Detox yoga, spinning and more on the menu at Spynga

The best part about participating in a month-long workout challenge is the motivation you gain. Before enrolling in Spynga’s Dare to Do 30, finding the time to exercise five or six times a week seemed impossible. Now I know that I can physically achieve this goal, and that finding the time is really just a matter of making it a priority. It’s the finer details that make Spynga stand out: the complimentary towels, the lavender-scented cream used for a quick neck massage during savasana, and the eclectic play list (a spin class blaring the best of the ’90s—or worst, as the case may be—was an obvious crowd pleaser).

Here’s my report on the other classes where I sweated it out:

Yin Yoga Flow: I’m all for using props in yoga class to make the poses more comfortable—bring on the blocks and blankets. In Yin Yoga, you hold each pose for several minutes, the ideal way to open up those stiff bits (for me, my ridiculously tight hamstrings). Though keeping each pose steady for around five minutes was tough on my joints, the class gave me a peaceful approach to the rest of my day.

Circuit Cycle Flow: After 35 minutes of intense cycling, the second half of the class included some powerful muscle work. Using weight balls and resistance bands, we were led through a series of repetitive movements to target each major muscle group. Bicep curls, crunches and squats are all on the menu, so don’t think that moving to the mat means the hard part is over.

Detox Hot Power Hour Yoga Flow: At Spynga, hot yoga means two heaters are set up in the regular practice room. I enjoy sweating out all those built-up toxins in hot yoga—it’s both incredibly hard and relaxing at the same time. I basked in my increased flexibility and the release of tension I felt when I left the class.

Attention Vaughan readers: The newest Spynga location in set to open in your ’hood this spring, offering workshops and fitness programs like this one, as well as more than 40 classes a week. Visit for details.

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