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Photography via Instagram/glamspinner

A Guide to the Weirdest Beauty Uses for Fidget Spinners

Beauty vloggers and bloggers show no bounds when it comes to creative ways of applying makeup. After all, with so many influencers on social media, you sometimes need to think outside the box to stand out.

So it comes as no surprise that some of these bloggers and vloggers jumped on the fidget spinner craze to incorporate the viral toys into their beauty routines. Fidget spinners, for those who don’t know, are small, three-bladed gadgets which can be spun between the index finger and thumb. Called the “hula hoop of Gen Z,” the fidget spinner is meant to minimize distraction and relieve stress, and has been a popular gadget in the teen world.

How exactly did these beauty peeps make use of the fad? Check out their methods below:

Contouring Tool

Beauty vlogger James Charles decided to try his hand at contouring using the fidget spinner. Though the video was meant to be a joke, the results are quite impressive (but really, would we expect anything less from the 17-year-old CoverBoy?

Nail Art

Don’t want to carry around a fidget spinner between your fingers? Why not just add a miniature version to your manicure? U.K. vlogger Natasha Lee went viral when she made fidget nail art a thing last month. Using liquid and powder nail acrylic, Lee creates her own tiny spinner, using an electric file to smooth it down. A tiny bead serves as a washer to allow the spinner to spin, while a sewing pin with a ball at the end keeps everything in place. Finally, she attaches the spinner to her nail with nail glue and voila! Fidget spinner nail art.

Makeup Palette

One clever vlogger (Sylvia Gani) took it upon herself to transform her fidget spinner into a makeup palette. Using cardboard as a base (you know, to keep the product in place), she transferred melted lipstick, crushed eyeshadow and bronzer into the three holes. Kind of genius, if you ask us!

Hair Curlers

In what could possibly be the wildest of the fidget spinner beauty hacks, YouTuber Bunny Meyer (yes, the girl who curled her hair with Cheetos), used 18 spinners in an attempt to give her strands some wave. She starts the process by wrapping small sections of wet hair around each side of the fidget spinner, then attaches the spinner to her head using a bobby pin. And while it surprisingly did give Bunny a bit of curl, she said the weight of the spinners was way too painful for her liking. “It is fun and it is surprisingly easy to do, but it also is so heavy that it’s actually a pain in the neck — literally and figuratively.”

It’s a no for us, thanks.

Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss

Buzzfeed (yes, the website) is capitalizing on the fidget spinner craze by launching its own fidget spinner lip gloss in collaboration with Taste Beauty. Called GlamSpin, it has three gloss options — peach whirl, strawberry cyclone and grape twist — and retails for $9.99. A little bit much? Perhaps, but we’re betting the kids will go crazy for this.

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