The Beauty Products We’ll Be Using All Month Long

FASHION‘s beauty team is made up of Beauty Director Lesa Hannah and Beauty Editor Suzie Michael. Each month, they’ll be discussing their favourite new products (whether they’re new-new or just new to them).

Cocofloss in “Fresh Coconut”

Brightening smiles, 18 inches at a time ?

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I’m obsessed with flossing several times a day. I carry some with me at all times and will experience mild panic if I find myself without it. So Cocofloss, which was created by two sisters (one is a dentist) who wanted to bring an element of enjoyment to the a task that most people blow off because they find it boring and annoying, didn’t need to convince me. I was already sold. I’m also the kind of person who likes to examine the harvest from a Biore strip so the fact that the floss is blue so you can see what you’ve removed is deeply satisfying. It’s also lubricated with coconut oil—with the added benefit of being antimicrobial—for extra ease and the fact that it comes in flavours beyond traditional mint couldn’t be more fun. There’s strawberry, orange and my favourite, coconut. —L.H.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Lip Gloss

I met with Kopari Beauty cofounder Gigi Goldman last week, just off the heels of the brand’s Sephora Canada launch, to learn all about the coconut oil-based line. You can read more about them here but some quick facts: the brand is only two years old (!) and only six months (!!) after launching their direct-to-consumer business, Kopari went retail and launched in Sephora U.S. The foundation of every single product is coconut oil (some sourced in the Philippines and some sourced in Hawaii, depending on the product), and the brand uses 100% organic coconut oil that’s specifically cultivated for beauty use—not cooking. Kopari’s other founders are Goldman’s husband, and Kiana Cabell, a Hawaiian surfer who studied integrative health and nutrition at NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute, where she became a certified organic chef. Oh, and, everything Kopari sells is under $50 and super-Instagrammable.

Now moving on to my favourite new product: the Kopari Beauty Coconut Lip Glossy. It’s a blend of coconut oil and shea butter that leaves lips soft and glossy. And obviously, and most importantly, it smells and tastes like coconuts. I really couldn’t ask for more. —S.M.

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