Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2013 backstage beauty: “Sleepy Hollow” eyes and cheeks at Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing Fall 2013 backstage beauty
Photography by Edward James
Jeremy Laing Fall 2013 backstage beauty
Photography by Edward James

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The makeup: “The cool thing about this look is the shape of the eye; Jeremy wanted to have a very hollowed out eye socket. He doesn’t like the girls to look too preppy, princess-y, or too done. Maybe a little bit androgynous. It’s all about the shapes; and you can tell his shapes are a little bit unusual. “ – Greg Wencel, Cover Girl makeup pro

To achieve this “Sleepy Hollow” look, Wencel custom mixed a shade of slate grey, using both shades from the Cover Girl Smokey ShadowBlast eyeshadow stick in “Onyx Smoke” on the back of his hand. The cream shadow was chosen because it would give a “lived in, glossy eye effect.” Wencel applied the majority of color is from the crease of the eye to the brows, leaving a slightly lighter wash of grey on the lid of the eye. To set the cream, a silver shadow was pressed over top, which also added a “hint of blue.” The lashes were kept natural with no curling or mascara. To keep models looking fragile, Wencel wanted a “pale veil of color” on the skin. He used a foundation one or two shades lighter than the models natural color then set it with an even paler shade of pressed powder. For cheeks, it was all about “hollowing and sculpting” with bronzer to exaggerate the contour. Finally, lips were almost devoid of pigment: Wencel applied a clear balm on the lips and then buffed foundation over the edge of the lip line for an ombré effect.

The hair: “She’s a super super natural girl. It is kind of a messy hair look but very simple at the same time. We aren’t doing a clean part, keeping in line with the undone trend that we have seen at a lot of shows…The hair is not supposed to look too perfect, it should look like you did it yourself.” – Justin German, Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist

To create the straight and slightly disheveled style, a flat iron was the tool of choice, as it helps to “take any body away from the hair”. After running hair through the iron, German then pulled it back into a low and loose ponytail with a natural, not perfect, middle part. Once the pony was secured he pulled some strands free to give the effect of “fluttering hair as the girl walks.” The look was finished off with a small amount of wax to enhance the flyaway pieces and make them look “a little bit greased.”

Products used:
Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation ($12,
Cover Girl + Olay Pressed Powder ($15,
Cover Girl Cheekers Bronzer in “Golden Tan” ($7,

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadow in “Shimmering Sands” ($7,
Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in “Shimmering Onyx” and “Patina” ($5,
Cover Girl Smoky ShadowBlast in “Onyx Smoke” ($10,

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara ($7,

Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip Color Balm ($7,

Pantene Pro-V Stylers Texturizing Sculpting Wax ($5,