Short on prep time? 5 ways to fake a shower

fake a shower
Photography by Peter Stigter

Blame it on your time-saving needs of squeezing in a workout on your lunch break, or your incurable addiction to hitting the snooze button. But whatever the reason, sometimes having a shower just doesn’t fit into our schedules. We mean, it’s not that we’re totally okay with being gross (or maybe we are). It’s just when we’re short on time and have to choose between getting all lathered up or making our mug and mane presentable, our dignity forces us to choose the latter.

Luckily, there are amazing instant-refreshers on beauty shelves today that provide us with the power to look and feel freshly bathed in a couple mere minutes, without any water in sight.

From super long-lasting deodorant to revitalizing body spray, flip through the gallery for five ways to freshen up sans suds.

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