10 facial mists to try this summer (because what’s more glam than spritzing fancy water on your face?)

facial mists
Photography by Peter Stigter

Well, we begged and begged and finally, summer has actually arrived and it’s…humid. Every year, while we’re in the depths of winter, we somehow forget about all of the less-than-wonderful aspects of warmer weather until the sun emerges once again and all of a sudden we’ve gone from frozen to sticky.

This summer, keep a facial mist nearby for a much-needed pick-me-up throughout the day. Aside from the obvious hydration element, these convenient mists cool your skin, calm irritations, and brighten dull complexions. Check, check and check.

Whether you’re looking for post-cleansing hydration or a way to eliminate your need for that 3pm coffee (seriously, these are so refreshing), there’s a facial mist for you. Browse some of our top picks below.