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The New Facial At Gee Beauty That Tackles All Your Issues With Dramatic Results

New York dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross has an unwavering love of Vitamin C as well as chemical peels. “I’m known for my peels,” he says. “Back in the day, I was the one who was screaming that you don’t need anything harsh, or flaking and redness in order to get good results.” In fact, he’s against any treatment that is invasive and causes injury to the skin in an attempt to improve it. “There is no organ in the body where you injure it, challenge it, then go through a recovery period and say ‘now you’re going to come back even better’.” But the dermatologist still puts skin through the paces to get results.

That’s evident in the exclusive facial he created for Toronto’s Gee Beauty, where he launched his products last week, called The Alpha Beta Lift + Lighten Photo Facial . “We sat down and said ‘what are the things we can do in an hour that people can get the most dramatic results?'” says Dr. Gross, who designed it to address the major issues that people want improvement in: fine lines/wrinkles, texture and discolouration. The hour long treatment begins with his signature peel, which is then followed by wearing his SpectraLite EyeCare Pro, an LED light device that’s worn for three minutes to stimulate cells into producing collagen. Then comes the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and if you’re into removing pigmentation, each zap will nourish your soul and will also penetrate better due to the exfoliation from the peel. It’s capped off with his Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask, which ends the treatment on a cooling and soothing note. Note: this is by no means one of those relaxing facials where you might nod off; between the tingling of the peel, the bright LED lights and the zapping, the treatment is broken into very active segments. But each step pays off. “At the end, the client emerges with a really beautiful appearance,” he says.