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How to Choose the Best Eyeliner Technique for Your Eye Shape

First there was the cat eye – the classic flick that everyone masters at one point or another. Then, Spring 2015 rolled around and things got a little more complicated when the classic flick just wouldn’t cut it. At Ann Demeulemeester, thick carbon smears in black and white were drawn across lids to make models appear carefree, yet daring. Similarly, makeup artists at Louis Vuitton used liner to draw on an exaggerated set of lashes, while Peter Som and MaxMara used coloured liner to make models eyes pop from different angles.

For Fall 2015, dramatic eyeliner saw no signs of being smeared away. While Victoria Beckham and Diane von Furstenberg took the messy, morning after approach, DKNY strayed away from the lids all together, creating a V-shape around the outer corners of the eye. What confused us the most, was Rodarte’s take on the trend, lining the bottom of the eyes not with liner, but with jewel embellishments, leaving us to wonder if liner should be meticulously placed on our water lines, shaped into dramatic eyelashes, carelessly smeared atop our eyelids, not on our eyelids at all, thick? Thin? Red? White? Brown? Bejewelled? Our heads were spinning.

To clear things up, the answer is all of the above. There is no right or wrong way to apply liner to your eyes, just like there isn’t a shape that is going to make you look bad. And while we’re all about experimentation and breaking the rules (except taking off your makeup every night and wearing SPF every.single.day – no exceptions), it’s true that certain eyeliner techniques can accentuate the eyes and bring symmetry to different eye shapes.

Browse our gallery to find out how Lou Swinden-Payne, Sephora’s PRO Lead Artist breaks down which eyeliner technique is best for your eye shape.

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