Exclusive: Jennifer Aniston talks to us about Aveeno’s oats and why Canadians have the best skin

Jennifer Aniston Aveeno

If you’re going to get schooled on oats then it might as well be from Jennifer Aniston. Yes, you read that correctly, oats. Did you think I was going to say yoga? A chatty and upbeat Aniston, brand ambassador for Aveeno, spoke to us exclusively from Los Angeles about “The Beauty of Nature,” a four-video series she narrates which highlight the ingredients used in the brand’s skincare.

The first one, “Oat for Your Skin,” which celebrates the nifty little grain full of antioxidants, enzymes, lipids, proteins and vitamins that are vital for healthy skin, debuts today. As Aniston explains, the videos offer a behind the scenes look at the beginnings of an Aveeno product. “It’s an informative journey of the product and how it goes from the farm into the bottle.”

A user of the Aveeno brand since she was a teenager, Aniston was amazed to learn “how particular they are with the farmers, and the land and the soil that they choose.” In the video, Aniston discusses how oats, which have a natural ability to soothe and moisturize, undergo a milling process that renders them as fine as the ones that land on your breakfast table. She also makes a point of telling us the sweeping images of the sun-drenched farm featured is located “in Canada [Manitoba], by the way, so that’s why your skin is all so beautiful.” I think Jennifer Aniston just told me I have great skin?