Celebrate Earth Month with these 9 good-for-the-planet beauty products and treatments

It’s safe to say that the eco-friendly products are now staples in many people’s cabinets. Global awareness about the benefits of organic ingredients and environmentally-friendly products continues to rise, just as reports about the dangers of synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals grow. The beauty industry is definitely one area where eco-friendly products, from locally sourced ingredients to environmentally sound packaging, are becoming the norm. Even big box brands are now offering environmentally conscious options, making organic makeup, all-natural hair care products and back-to-the-basics skincare rituals available to the masses. Who can blame people for wanting to “greenify” their beauty routine when, according to the Organic Consumers Association, the average woman absorbs five pounds of toxic chemicals from their beauty products each year?

There’s no time like the present to make the switch to eco-friendly, all-natural and organic beauty products; April is Earth Month and we’ve rounded up ten makeup, skincare and haircare options that are safe for you and the planet. Even better, many of our choices are home-grown Canadian brands, making your new purchase even more environmentally sound.

If red flags are raised after looking at the long list of confusing ingredients in your cleanser, toss (or better yet, recycle) that bottle. Instead of risking it with unpronounceable chemicals, try an all-natural mascara like Ilia. Even sunscreen gets the all-natural stamp of approval, thanks to Consonant’s chemical-free SPF 30 formula. Ready to see what other organic makeup and eco-friendly hair and skincare options are available? Read on for our full list of Earth Month-approved beauty products.

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