Dunnuh dunnuh. Dunnuh dunnuh.

It’s no secret among those who know me well how much I love 90210, old school style. I’m even the proud owner of a Dylan doll and heart-shaped pillow (shut up). So when word came out last fall that they were introducing a new version of 90210, I balked at the seemingly blasphemous idea.

But doubt quickly gave way to glee when I learned Kelly and Brenda would be back (albeit part-time) to troll the halls of West Beverly. Yet, when their plot lines waned, so did my interest. And ultimately, the new characters just didn’t draw me in.

I feel similarly about these limited edition 90210 by OPI colours (from top): “Queen of West Web-erly,” “Sweet as Annie-thing!” and “Pretty & Privileged” ($10, at salons). They’re two shimmery reds and a purple and while they’re nice enough, I’m feeling a little blasé about them. They’re a little been there, done that, seen it all before. But it’s also just that my heart’s not into it and I can’t possibly be alone. Perhaps it would have been prudent of OPI to include some shout outs to the original cast? Because for die-hards like me, they could slap “Black as Brenda’s Heart,” “Just Peach-y Pit” or “Donna Martin Graduates to Gray” on a bottle and it wouldn’t matter how assy the shade, I’d covet them all….

Photography by Nicole Stafford

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