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Drunk Elephant’s Sunscreens Are Finally In Canada

In Canada, it takes longer for sunscreens to launch here from outside the country because Health Canada requires brands to pass certain requirements in order to meet their safety, effectiveness and quality standards. It’s all for good reason, and we should be thankful they scrutinize so much, but that can often result in brands either never bringing their sunscreens here (I’m looking at you, Omorovicza), or they just don’t make the SPF claim on their products if they’re makeup/skincare. And for die-hard sunscreen nerds like myself, it can mean waiting years for a specific one to become available here.

Well that changes for anyone waiting on Drunk Elephant’s, because they launched on Sephora Canada today. The brand makes two and they’re both physical sunscreens, meaning they use a mineral rather than chemical filter. In fact, DE only uses zinc oxide, which is better than titanium dioxide at protecting from all spectrums of UV. There’s Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30, which thankfully got re-formulated last summer to address the issue of pilling and balling up on the skin. There’s also a tinted version that came out last year that offers sheer coverage, but it has some shimmer in it that be too much for some. But given that zinc can be thick and difficult to formulate with, both have an impressive 20% and still feel fluid. I’d load up your cart now and consider it your go-to this summer.