A beginner’s guide to dragon’s blood: 7 beauty products you need to put on your face right now

Dragon's Blood
Photography by Peter Stigter

Let’s talk about dragon’s blood. You know, the stuff you throw in your potions to cast spells on ex-boyfriends. Turns out it’s also great for your skin! Believe it or not, dragon’s blood isn’t the blood of a mythical creature; it’s the sap from Croton Lechleri, a tree found in South America that is commonly called Dragon Tree and gets its name from the deep red colour of the sap. The ingredient has been used in the East and in South America for ages, and it’s finally making its way to North America and is, rightfully so, becoming an It ingredient.

Needless to say, I was on board as soon as I heard the badass name (“You had me at hello dragon. And blood”) but after giving the products below a try, I’m officially obsessed for uh, better reasons. The ingredient’s claim to fame is the soothing, anti-inflammatory effect it has on skin, which means that it’s under eye bags’ worst nightmare. I went with Rodial‘s Dragon’s Blood line, which has earned itself a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet and is available at Murale and Nordstrom, but both Wei and Peter Thomas Roth also have great dragon’s blood products that are becoming cult favourites.

Browse the gallery below for 7 dragon’s blood products you need to incorporate into your skincare routine.

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