Dorm beauty: 5 products to make back-to-school season way easier

dorm beauty fix
Photography by Peter Stigter

Maybe your floor’s one and only bathroom is already packed with the 11 other girls you share it with. Or maybe, you woke up extra late for class due to last night’s vigorous flip cup game study sesh. No matter the reason, a lengthy beauty routine isn’t something that’s easily doable for the disorderly days (erm, every day) of dorm livin’.

But, being the avid beauty-column-reader that you are and all, tossing on some lip balm, throwing your hair in a top-bun and sporting yesterday’s mascara remnants probably isn’t something you’re willing to do. What you need is a speedy beauty strategy that can get you out of the concourse in no time, and requires very little (if any) time in front of the swarmed bathroom mirror. The solution? Five simple beauty products that can easily be applied in a few mere minutes to help you look alert and prepared, while ensuring you stick to your pocket-change budget.

From a tinted moisturizer ideal for all skin types, to a lipstick-meets-balm that’ll give the impression you put in some serious effort, click through the slideshow to check out the five easy products that will simplify your dorm dwelling primping regime.

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