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10 DIY Beauty Treatments to Try While You’re at Home

Just make sure you've got no video calls scheduled when you're face masking.

Right now, we’re all home-bound (unless you are a healthcare professional, grocery store clerk or running a gas station — in which case, thank you for being you!). But if you aren’t leaving the house, why not capitalize on this abundance of free time by experimenting with a round of DIY beauty treatments? With the simple, natural ingredients available in your home, there’s a myriad of concoctions waiting to be stirred up (especially if you’ve got items that need to be used up!).

Most of the tutorials ahead use basic household staples, like sugar, oil, and milk, while others are slightly more niche. Here is a roster of 10 DIY beauty treatments that will turn your home into a spa, and maybe have you leaving quarantine looking extra glow-y.

Turmeric Face Mask

What you’ll need: turmeric powder, rice flower, milk/plain yogurt (for oily skin), oil (for dry skin), honey.

YouTuber Promise Phan uses turmeric, a spice widely trusted in her home country of Nepal, for an at-home face mask. She swears by this little formula, which helps make her skin brighter and more radiant, while fighting acne, pigmentation and under-eye circles.

Lip Scrub

What you’ll need: honey, coconut oil, sugar.

Kourtney Kardashian invites friend and beauty expert Sarah Howard to her lifestyle channel POOSH to explain how to make an all-natural lip scrub while simultaneously raving about each ingredient.

Vegan moisturizer

What you’ll need: raw shea butter, almond oil, essential oils (optional).

If your skin is screaming for some moisture, try out this shea butter-based moisturizer packed with vitamins A, E and F.

Coffee Scrub Face Mask

What you’ll need: ground coffee, sugar, honey, baking soda, water.

Attention all coffee lovers! Now that you are likely making your coffee at home (self-quarantine’s rules, not mine), take some time to explore the other uses of ground coffee beans. “I don’t even need to be spending all this money on Starbucks, I can just smell like one!” YouTuber Leesa Unique says as she walks you through the steps (and benefits) of her DIY coffee scrub. P.S. Skip to 3 minutes if you want to get right into the mixing.

Inflammation Mask

What you’ll need: strawberries, honey.

This strawberry mask is packed with powerhouse antioxidants that fight inflammation, paired with a sweet scent.

Lip mask

What you’ll need: pineapple, honey.

Beauty queen Huda Kattan recently released this DIY tutorial for a nourishing at-home lip mask and it’s super easy to make. The tutorial includes dermarolling, but we think you’d still get a great result minus the tool if you would prefer to try the treatment without.

Hair Mask

What you’ll need: avocado, oil, honey, coconut milk.

This one is particularly good if you went a little overboard with the avocados at the store and now need to use them up. You’ll only need one to give your hair a shiny makeover.

Makeup Remover

What you’ll need: almond oil, witch hazel, vitamin E oil.

Chances are you aren’t wearing makeup at this time. But if the free time at your fingertips has pulled you into experimenting with new makeup looks, here is a DIY makeup remover tutorial from Vancouver-based sustainable lifestyle blogger @wandering_wild_home. Get a more detailed rundown of this little potion here.

Under-Eye treatment

What you’ll need: green tea bags, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil.

Hear out Sneha Sen on her green tea-infused under-eye hack.

Teeth Whitener

What you’ll need: turmeric powder, coconut oil, peppermint oil (optional).

Turmeric powder is almighty. It’s filled with health benefits that you can reap through cooking, or simply by using it as a topical body treatment. Here, find out how this bold, yellow spice can turn your teeth white.