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Photograph Courtesy of Dior

Dior Celebrates its Iconic Red Lipstick with New Rouge Dior Collection

Happy 999 Day!

2019 marks 66 years since Christian Dior released his first red lipstick, called #9. The shade was named after his lucky number, and fast became hit with women across the world. The enduring power of Dior’s red lipstick creation has continued in the years since, with the brand celebrating the hue on #999 Day on September 9.

To date, the brand’s #999 collection features 10 products inspired by the famous hue, and to mark this year’s anniversary, it has announced the launch of a new set of products to join the iconic family.

According to the brand, the new Rouge Dior Limited Edition collection is inspired by the late designer’s “Coup de Trafalgar”, the red dress Dior used in his shows to surprise audiences. The collection was designed by Peter Phillips, the creative and image director of Dior makeup, who played” with pigments and textures” to create “revolutionary variations on Dior’s iconic red.” The new blush ($45) is decorated with images of the famed dress, whilst two lipsticks ($38 each) are engraved with a motif that pays homage to Maria Grazia’s Chiuri’s work at the house, as well as the “power of a true red.”

The brand has also introduced two new Ultra Care and Ultra Care Liquid lip colours ($38 each) in a red shade called Bloom. With a luminous matte pearly finish and 12-hours of wear, the formulations contain camelina oil, a naturally-derived ingredient rich in essential fatty acids that aids hydration for perfectly plump, healthy lips.

Discover the collection below:

The new limited edition Rouge Dior collection is available to purchase now, alongside the full Rouge Dior range.