Your matte skin is bumming everyone out

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Isn’t matte skin such a bummer in warmer months? Once temperatures start to rise, dewy skin just seem like happy, healthy skin. It feels like one day we were all blissfully applying our translucent finishing powder on top of mattifying BB cream, and the next, we were ditching all powders and instead slathering oils and highlighters on our faces. Call us fickle, but these days, there’s nothing we love more than shiny skin. Also, once it gets truly hot out, the thought of using hairspray, setting spray, matte lipstick and the like, to keep everything in place just seems exhausting. Eff that. Since the dewy skin trend makes it look as though you’ve spent a day outside, or like you’re coming from a particularly refreshing yoga practice, we can’t help but see a highlighted cheekbone, brow bone and Cupid’s bow and imagine a glow that’s seeping out of your pores. It looks angelic, tbh.

We obviously have a thing for shine. From eye gloss to lip gloss, we’re working toward a signature look that’s more wet than dewy, because the quest for glowing skin is not the time or place to be subtle. You’ll know you’re shiny enough when you catch people on the subway peeking at their reflection in your cheekbones. Call it the Glossier effect (peep founder Emily Weiss in the gallery below), but dewy, wet-looking skin is our latest beauty obsession. From the runway (everywhere from Wang to Lanvin) to the red carpet (who among us hasn’t been blinded by J.Lo’s infamous glow?) to of course, Instagram, everywhere we look—and scroll—, we see another shining example of how to do the dewy skin trend right. (If you’re new to light-reflecting products, here’s what you need to know about applying highlighter.)

And as summer approaches, there’s no better time to throw caution (and oil-blotting papers) to the wind and embrace the thin veil of perspiration that resides on your face during the warmer months. Whether you’re going for a glow that’s post-sex or post-workout, don’t be afraid to sweat a little. Your pores will thank you.

With Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish 003 launching today, browse through our favourite inspiration (skinspiration?) shots below and welcome the dewy skin trend with open, greased-up, shiny arms.