Get rewarded for going to the spa with Dermalogica’s new Little Grey Pass program

If finding the perfect skin care routine is on your 2014 to-do list, listen up! Dermalogica has just announced a new program that will get your skin in fine form and reward you for going to the spa more frequently.

Open to residents in Vancouver and Toronto, the Little Grey Pass works somewhat like an actual passport. Every time you visit one of Dermalogica’s certified skin centres for a 60-minute skin treatment, you get a stamp. Once you’ve visited four different spas, you can redeem your pass for a bottle of Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, a cult favourite of the brand. If you make it to six different spas, you’ll also get a travel-sized Daily Microfoliant. Being rewarded for pampering your skin—what more could a beauty buff ask for?

Whether you’re still trying to find a skin care technician to call your own or want to explore the spas around your city, the Little Grey Pass program makes for excellent incentive. You have one year to get your pass stamped, so we suggest booking that first treatment ASAP. A full list of qualifying skin care centres in Toronto and Vancouver are listed here and registration takes but a few minutes. Bring on the healthy skin!