The Founder of Deciem is Launching a Fragrance Line (!!!)

There's candles and body products, too!

Toronto-based skincare brand Deciem (and particularly the brand’s founder, Brandon Truaxe) has been in the news a lot lately—and not for the best reasons. From erratic behaviour on social media to a string of resignations and firings, which you can read up on here, Deciem is the most talked about beauty brand of the moment.

Before the drama began, Deciem was massively buzzy because of one if its 10 brands, The Ordinary, which is known for its super affordable skincare products (like a $10 retinol that’s always selling out).

This week, news broke that Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe was diving into a new venture—fragrance. Called Avestan, it’s a range of eight eau de parfums, inspired by offbeat scents. “It began in the presence of things decidedly unworthy of much admiration in the world of aromas,” writes Truaxe on the brand’s website. “Coated clay vats filled with argan oil, earthly walls of a typical village abode and the mud that had formed on my bare feet having crossed the river that bordered the township of Asni in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.”

Truaxe explains, “Avestan is the embodiment of this pleasing unfamiliarity. It is a deviation from familiar notes that move us through the past. It is an exploration of the untried. It is a journey to create new meaning through scents. It is a departure from lavender and rose to an unfulfilled journey of unfamiliar notes: clays, stems, saps, places and moments.”

The fragrances will also be available as parfum concentré and candles, and some are available as shampoo, conditioner, body gel and body lotion.

There’s no word on a release date yet, but in the meantime, you can browse the Avestan line of fragrances below.

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