13 cute makeup bags you seriously need in your life

cute makeup bags

You can talk up your makeup skills until you’re blue in the face, and contour and highlight like never before, but if you’re lugging your makeup to the bathroom in a busted up, stained makeup case, you’re hurting your game. In fact, we’re pretty confident that the cooler your makeup bag, the more likely you’ll be to wash and clean for your brushes, keep your pencils sharpened, and generally be more willing to set aside some time in the morning to put on your face. Don’t ask us to back up those claims—it’s just a feeling we have.

So in 2016, vow to treat your makeup with the respect it deserves. You don’t need to spend a fortune (some of these bags are only $7!), but you do need to give your tools a nice home.

We’ve rounded up 13 cute makeup bags that you need.

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