Cushion beauty products: Why this Korean trend is the future of makeup application

The beauty world is constantly changing and bringing us new possibilities for applying our makeup more efficiently than ever. Colour-correcting primers? Check. Hydrating lip masks? Check. The latest innovation? Pillowy sponges soaked in our favourite products that create a smooth and flawless application. Cushion beauty products are designed to apply products lightly, allowing for buildable coverage that totally prevents a cakey look.

The cushion beauty product trend really started (as, let’s be honest, most makeup trends do now) on the Korean beauty market. BB and CC creams in cushion form were the first to come to the North American market, but now, products of all kinds can be found in a squishy, more pillow-like version of itself. Since they’re so portable (no fear of spilling product in your purse), and they dispose just the right amount of product for an application that builds, they really may be the future of makeup. Just as Michelle Phan predicted back in February, everyone is launching cushion products.

So to help you navigate this new beauty field, we’ve rounded up our favourite picks, including everything from liquid foundation to lip gloss. Browse the gallery below to see our favourite new cushion beauty products.

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