Photo by Stephanie Branchu

Creating Natalie Portman’s Beauty Look for Jackie

She may be more well known for her fashion choices, but Jackie Kennedy had a distinct beauty look too. Getting it right for Jackie, the Natalie Portman led film that opens today in select cities, fell to the hands of key makeup artist Miwoo Kim. To do her research, Kim dove deep into books and studied newsreels, paying special attention to Kennedy’s 1962 tour of the White House for CBS, which is recreated in the movie. Overall, the goal was to portray the codes of 1960s beauty but adapt them to the former FLOTUS’ personality. “She had a special feeling: minimalist and elegant,” says Kim.

Her main focus, obviously, were Portman’s brows. They needed to be “thicker and a little bit square” so she achieved that using Dior Powder Brow Pencil in “Noir” and for added enhancement, went over them with tinted gel. Kennedy was also rarely ever without lipstick in place—there are two scenes in the film where Portman applies it—so in the film she is seen wearing three varieties of pink: pale, natural and fuschia. “Jackie would change the the colour intensity according to her dress,” says Kim. Completing Portman’s look was tasteful black cream eyeliner and a creamy, semi-matte complexion. Though not integral to the film, it’s known that Kennedy’s favourite scent was Joy by Jean Patou and she used skincare by Erno Lazlo, and liked the Phormula 3-9 cream.

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