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The Cleansers To Use When Your Face Feels Attacked By Winter

It’s officially a snow day in Toronto. That means schools are closed so if you’re not stuck indoors with your kids like I am, then you’re out braving the blizzard and whatever parts of your face that are exposed are being attacked. No seriously, sometimes it feels like Winter is literally nipping at my face in the same way my cat attacks my heels when she’s feeling aggressively playful.

That’s why today I want to give a special shout out to cream and milk cleansers. They just don’t get enough props at this time of year; that is entirely reserved for and hogged by thick pots and tubes of creams, rich facial oils and super charged masks. But the comfort they impart cannot be overstated. They feel gentle, nurturing and like my face is receiving a tender, motherly pat as if to say “There, there, we’re going to make everything feel better.”

Personally, right now I am living for Omorovicza’s Cashmere Cleanser (and whoever came up that name deserves a raise). It’s thick and lovely and the brand’s facialist Sylwia Gorzkowska, who recently used it on me during a treatment, likes it for a number of reasons. “Not only does it leave a dewy finish, but it also leaves a nice slip so when you layer your products afterwards, everything feels nicer,” she says.

Here’s five cleansers that will comfort your face:

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