Introducing the CND Shellac spring 2013 collection: 5 pastel shades that are perfect for the season

CND Shellac Spring 2013 collection gel nail polish
CND Shellac Spring 2013 collection gel nail polish

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CND Shellac, the iconic nail salon service product line, has announced their new spring 2013 collection. Titled Sweet Dreams, the collection includes five new shades of Shellac that celebrate the joy and romance of spring. With names like “Grapefruit Sparkle” and “Lilac Longing,” the five colours are pastel shades of pink, blue, purple and green; each with a softness that is perfect for springtime.

Shellac—which is pretty much the most ubiquitous brand in the gel nail polish game—is applied like regular nail polish, but because it’s cured under UV lights it can last up to two weeks without chipping. Shellac is also easy to remove without damaging the nail, which is important for those of us who like to frequently change our manicures. And what’s exciting about the CND Shellac spring collection is that these new shades can be worn on their own or, like most Shellac polishes, layered to create unique combinations of something new.

With never-ending layering options, we’re already dreaming about spring manicures. In particular, we love the soft blue “Azure Wish” shade that has us dreaming of a day at the beach. Furthermore, the light-pink “Cake Pop” polish is a creamy colour that we would certainly wear for a romantic night out. And who says you can’t mix and match? We would also love to see how these two shades would look when done up in a nail art design.

CND Shellac’s spring collection will be available in select nail salons starting in March 2013. More information can be found at