clumpy mascara trend
Photography via Instagram/maccosmetics

10 Photos That Prove the Clumpy Mascara Trend Makes for the Best Eyelash Porn

Some people browse through cute photos of cats and babies when they’re bored, and some people browse through photos of standout makeup trends. We belong to the latter group.

Last week, we were infatuated with perfect-looking Cupid’s bows, and now, our Instagram search results are all about the always-popular clumpy mascara trend. This is a look we see on the runways every single season, but we have yet to see it executed well IRL. But isn’t that what makeup porn is all about? The more elusive and difficult to pull off, the faster we double-tap an Instagram pic.

We’ve been talking about beauty “mistakes” that present themselves as lust-worthy trends for some time now, and you already know that statement eyelashes are no new concept. But did you know that makeup artists often use about 20 coats of mascara to get the look? That’s a job that not even our favourite mascara resurrector could tackle, and the insanity of it makes us love the look even more.

And so, we present you with 10 photos of the clumpy mascara trend. No more, no less. Just eyelash porn.

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