The best celebrity transformations of 2014: 10 stars who switched up their signature beauty looks

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We’ve got to hand it to our favourite celebrities because one thing’s for sure, they aren’t afraid of change. 2014 saw a number of celebrity beauty transformations, some greeted with warm welcomes, some which made our mouths drop, and others that really just didn’t surprise us all that much. A few hair makeovers we loved included Jennifer Lawrence‘s blonde pixie cut that grew into the perfect edgy chin-length bob, Lauren Conrad, who once said she would never cut her beachy, Cali-girl locks, cut her hair three times in a month and is now sporting a bob, as well as Kylie Jenner’s switch back to long hair, green-tips and all.

In the makeup transformation department we saw Rihanna switch up her once goth-inspired look to an old Hollywood glam look, with dark cherry lips and slicked back hair. Similarly, Kim Kardashian opted out of her blonde ombré hairstyle for a darker, more glamorous hue, Kristen Stewart ditched her long orange mane for a rich chocolate brown bob and Elle Fanning transformed her buttery blonde hair into a light brown, instantly making her look five years older.

One of the most daring styles we saw this year was from no other than Lena Dunham, who surprised us by trying out a bleach blonde bowl cut, and then shocked us yet again when she tried her hand at lime green hair. Also sparking controversial feelings was Beyoncé with her baby bangs that left some fans more than outraged as she departed from her classic long bombshell locks. Meanwhile, her sister Solange left her spiky bob behind and is going into 2015 with longer natural curls that pair perfectly with her post-honeymoon glow.

With the new year almost upon us, take a look at our favourite celebrity transformations of 2014.