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Lipgloss Nails Were Made for Minimalists

Did we mention this manicure trend is J.Lo-approved?

If you’re a manicure minimalist who has attempted to expand your polish palette with vibrant shades and elaborate designs, you likely know the feeling of nail regret all too well. Two steps out of the salon door and you’re already plotting your return, wishing you’d gone with one of your beloved nude shades. Feeling seen by this sentiment? We think Jennifer Lopez’s lipgloss nails were made for you.

Now, don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, J.Lo loves a minimal mani (see: “rich girl” nails). And when she teams up with her trusty manicurist Tom Bachik for a new set, we know it’s bound to make headlines. This dream duo is the latest to contribute to the lipgloss nail trend that broke out on TikTok, with an elevated twist that is totally on brand for the JLo Beauty founder (she’s a Leo, btw). “You’re not fully dressed until you sparkle,” says Bachik on Instagram of the sparkly iteration of the manicure he dreamed up for the singer. Though our eyes are drawn to the silver glitter lining, we know minimalists can appreciate the ultra-glossy base of Lopez’s nails that give this trend its name.

Mimicking the high-shine finish of freshly applied lipgloss, this manicure results in sheer nails that accentuate your skin tone and boast some serious shine. With their polished yet subtle appeal, lipgloss nails will make you feel done up without doing too much. They’re a manicure made in minimalist heaven.

If you’re looking to recreate, J.Lo’s lipgloss nails, here’s how Bachik broke it down in an Instagram post for his 500,000 followers. As all the best nail artists do, he began by prepping the nails with a meticulous manicure, which covers all the bases from clipping to filing. He then applied a set of medium stiletto shaped Gel X nail tips topped with a custom mixed coat of semi-sheer nude polish to compliment J.Lo’s skin tone. For a little extra oomph, Bachik finished up with a reflective gel polish along the tips to create an ultra-thin silver lining.

Although lipgloss nails appear similar to Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails from 2022, there is one defining difference between them. Where Bieber’s nails are glazed with pearlescent, chrome-like pigments, the lipgloss nail trend is all about maintaining a sleek and glossy finish. So consider these trends sisters — not twins.

The beauty of a lipgloss manicure is that it can exist as just that — a no-fuss, subdued nude with a high-gloss surface that will never tire. Yet, it is those minimalist qualities that also make it a flattering base worthy of elevation. You can draw inspiration from Lopez and opt for a flashy French tip, or add a dainty design to an accent nail to up the ante, as seen above. Or, perhaps an additional coat of gold-flecked glitter polish is more to your taste? The creative touches you can add to your lipgloss nails are infinite. And even in its most natural state, this manicure will still make a chic statement.

Whether you’re a true minimalist or looking to expand your horizons *just* a little bit, make lipgloss nails your next nail set. Tap through some of our favourites nude nail polishes below.

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