The Ultimate Cannabis Skincare Routine for 4/20 and Beyond


The search for the next big skincare find is never-ending, and it’s one I’m more than happy to take on. So when a box full of products decorated with weed leaves appeared on my desk, I couldn’t help but think “Rihanna?” and proceeded to slather everything on. The Defined Transformation line features everything in your standard skincare line—moisturizer, toner, exfoliant, serum—but all of the products are made with ultra-concentrated cannabidiol-rich hemp oil.

No, it will not get you high. But it is great for fighting wrinkles and dry skin. Defined Transformation (formerly Cannabis Beauty Defined) is a relatively new line and most products are around $50-55, while the serum comes in at $164. Everything is made without parabens, sulfates, dyes or synthetic fragrances, and feature other ingredients like Goji berry and our favourite, Dragon’s blood.

Then there’s the scent. Defined Transformation certainly doesn’t smell like any other beauty brand. There are no lavender or rose scents to be found here. Instead, the products smell like, well, the earth. And hemp seed oil. Depending on your preference, this is either really great or…really not. (We’re divided in the office.)

The salve, which is the most potent in smell (and in colour—it’s actually green!), is extremely rich and hydrating. It’s earned itself a place on my desk for immediate flaky skin relief. The serum is cooling and light, as a serum should be, while the moisturizer requires some work to rub in. It comes out of the pump as a beige gel but transforms into a white cream upon rubbing, and doesn’t go on quite as smooth as expected. Once absorbed, it’s super-nourishing, but you’ll need some patience to get there.

The real standout of the Defined Transformation line, however, is the exfoliant. With a scent that’s more spa-like than the other products, and microbeads that are made of herbal exfoliants like rose hip seeds, it’s gentle enough to brush away roughness and flakiness on even the most sensitive skin. Plus, it’s not bad for the environment (plastic microbeads need not apply!).

Visit to learn more about the anti-aging line. Who knows, cannabidiol-rich hemp oil might just be the ingredient missing from your skincare regimen.

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