Our Editors Share What They’d Call Byredo’s New Unnamed Fragrance

byredo unnamed perfume

Byredo is the latest brand to hop on the DIY wagon. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the perfume house is launching its newest fragrance, Unnamed, where founder Ben Gorham (aka one of the hottest dudes in the perfume world, and a former Torontonian!) is literally giving us the ability to name the Insta-famous beauty product whatever we want. Oh, the possibilities!

While we won’t be able to personalize the scent, Gorham hopes that we will draw from our own memories and feelings to come up with our own name, similar to his own naming process. Though he’s hesitant to share his impressions of it, he does hint that the latest perfume addition will include notes like pink pepper, gin accord, lush violet, treemoss and firbalsam.

Available to order on Byredo.com on September 1st, the fragrance will come with a personalization kit that includes a wooden pencil and a sheet of alphabet letters and symbols so you can doodle and stick on whatever name comes to mind on the blank label.

While Byredo staples like Bal D’Afrique and Gypsy Water will hold a special place in our hearts, it’ll be nice to have a perfume bottle sitting on our vanity tables that we can call our very own.

If you’re looking for a jumping-off point, here are a few, courtesy of our very own editors.

Elio Iannacci, Features Editor
Libation – “I love the sound of the word as much as I love the meaning. The dictionary defines it as “a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.”

Hilary Hatt, Designer
Halcyon – “Firstly, I’ve always just loved the sound of this word. But secondly, and more importantly, the meaning of halcyon is calm, peaceful, and happy. I think that’s a nice message to have with you when you spritz your fragrance on in the morning.”

Souzan Michael, Digital Editor
1 = 0.999999… – It’s an equation that states that 0.999, followed by an infinite row of 9s, is equivalent to the number 1. I like it because it’s mysterious and insanely simple at the same time. Steven Strogatz, a mathematician at Cornell University said, “I love how simple it is — everyone understands what it says — yet how provocative it is. Many people don’t believe it could be true. It’s also beautifully balanced. The left side represents the beginning of mathematics; the right side represents the mysteries of infinity.”
…I’d call it 1 equals for short, obviously.”

Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director
Bastardo! – “Because it sounds like the kind of fragrance I could launch in the next Zoolander film.”

Noreen Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief
etéreo – “I chose this name because it means ethereal in Spanish and that sentiment captures the kind of delicate sensory experience I look for in a fragrance.”

Caitlan Moneta, Fashion Market Editor
Florence Helene – “I always loved the way my grandmother smelled. So many of my childhood memories are tied to her. If I ever had a fragrance, I’d name it ‘Florence Helene.'”

Renee Tse, Assistant Beauty Editor
1991 – “Not only will it be an homage to the year I was born, but it’s also a palindrome, so it will be totally Instagram-worthy.”

D’Loraine Miranda, Assistant Editor/Research
$$$ “Because Ben Gorham’s a boss, and this scent probably smells expensive as hell.”

Jacquelyn Francis, Executive Editor
If – “It implies chance, circumstance, a tinge of the unknown. “If” is also my boys’ initials. It’s also what I’d get for a tattoo if I were of that age.”