Buff said

Photography by Yulanda Yee

Photography by Yulanda Yee

In this job you get your fair share of beauty “tips and tricks” thrown your way. After a few years, you become less interested—not only have you heard them all before, they all start to seem obvious: Heat helps hair treatments penetrate better! Apply lotion when skin is still moist! Put on deodorant after a shower!

But I actually heard one that perked up my ears when Nars international makeup director, Ayako (cool side note: she used to assist founder François), was in town to present their spring colours. In the midst of me grilling her about the two New York Spring 2009 shows she keyed (3.1 Phillip Lim, Chris Benz), I asked her about crafting that plausibly perfect skin you see on all the girls.

The key? After applying foundation and powder, buff it into the skin with the Nars Botan Brush ($86, sephora.com). With its super densely packed hairs, this squat, kabuki- inspired tool has an ability to blend that you just can’t get from your standard powder brush. Of course, this was one piece of advice I had to give a whirl. I used it to apply powder over foundation and, mon dieu! Perfection.

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