5 bridesmaid beauty tips that will make the whole experience suck a little less

Whether it’s a horrible bridesmaid dress, a prospective bump-in with the ex, or a classic case of a demanding bridezilla, there are plenty of unavoidable factors that make us want to abandon our position in the bridal party lineup and run in the other direction. Or at least run straight to the (hopefully open) bar. But of course, becoming BFFs with the bartender isn’t the wisest option.

Instead, we have to walk through the crowd of friends and strangers pretending that “Yes, I did ask for this ’90s prom-style hairdo with curled fangs hanging at my temples. And yes, it was a true honor to spend a quarter of my rent on a dress that resembles Andie Walsh’s Pretty in Pink number. And yes, I’m indeed delighted to be celebrating the marriage of yet another friend while I’m still searching for my Tinderfella.”

But, whatever the cause of your stress may be, there are ways to make it all suck a little less. And so, to help you complete your bridesmaid duties with a big (genuine) smile on your face, we’re outlining five simple bridesmaid beauty tips to help you look and feel your best.

Browse the gallery below for the beauty tips that’ll make being a bridesmaid a little more tolerable.

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