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Your Fave Hippie Sandal Brand is Coming Out With a Skincare Line

Listen up eco-friendly cosmetic lovers — your fave hippie sandal brand, Birkenstock, is stepping into the beauty world.

We mean, if Christian Louboutin can do it, why can’t the iconic German orthopaedic footwear do the same?

But instead of insanely priced nail polish and lipsticks à la Louboutin, Birkenstock will be foraying into skincare, launching a 28-piece line of “sustainably minded, certified natural cosmetics” called Birkenstock Natural Care, according to WWD. Its key component? Cork, the very material that’s part of the brand’s contoured footbed.

birkenstock natural care

“While we were doing our research regarding a healthy product concept in the skin-care segment, we realized that scientists in the cosmetics industry had discovered the highly effective antiaging effect of suberin, a remarkable substance which is contained in cork oak extract,” Birkenstock chief executive officer Oliver Reichert told WWD.

“That’s how the whole project started. We then took our time in terms of developing the whole natural cosmetics range, with product quality coming first at all times with a team of experienced experts.”

The line will be divided into five different ranges — Naturally Pure (for moisture and protection against external influences), Naturally Ageless (for preventing signs of aging), Naturally Fresh (for cleansing), Natural Man (for men) and Natural Footcare (for feet and legs). It will include things like lip balm, anti-aging night cream and a facial enzyme peel, all of which are free of synthetics, parabens, paraffin, and silicone, and certified by BDIH Cosmos Natural.

Sustainability also goes into the packaging of the German-made products, and thirteen items will feature a refill system, where customers can simply purchase an environmentally-friendly refill and place it in the original container.

For now, Birkenstock Natural Care will only be available in USA in Asia, with prices ranging from $17 to 60. It’s expected to hit market this fall.

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