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Billie Launches New Line of Clean Beauty Products

Billie is stepping out of the shower and onto your shelves.

American shaving brand Billie is expanding its footprint in the beauty sector with the launch of a new collection of clean beauty products, as well as a new Clean Cash Calculator.

After surveying hundreds of women to find out which products they used most on a daily basis, Billie discovered that lip balm, face wipes and dry shampoo were the top three. “We didn’t want to launch with niche products, we wanted to impact women’s everyday routines in a meaningful way,” Georgina Gooley, the brand’s co-founder explained in a statement. And so, the brand’s first foray outside of the shower began.

Today, it launches Wonder Wipes, Super Salve and Floof Dry Shampoo, each of which is formulated without parabens, harsh foaming agents, phthalates and other toxins regularly found in other beauty products. Plus, they’re scented with natural ingredients in lieu of synthetic fragrances. “Instead of fragrances, we scent our products with natural extracts,” explains Gooley. “Instead of beeswax, we use the vegan alternative, candelilla wax. We use the cleanest preservative systems possible. There’s really no need to include harsh chemicals to make a product work really well.”

The Wonder Wipes (available on a subscription basis) are biodegradable and packed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to remove makeup, brighten and hydrate the skin, whilst the Super Salve lip balm is made with just four base ingredients: sunflower oil, candelilla wax, avocado oil and vitamin E. It’s available in three colours – a soft pink, fire engine red and deep moody purple and in an assortment of flavours like parsley, sorbet, rhubarb and fig. The Floof Dry Shampoo is housed in an Insta-friendly circular bottle for a no-mess application and contains biotin, rice starch and plant-based fibres to help clean the scalp and reduce oiliness. It’s available for light and dark hair.

Recent events have shone a spotlight on the need to ensure we’re properly looking after ourselves, and that extends to our makeup and skincare shelves, too. To help customers make better choices when it comes to what they’re putting on their skin, Billie has teamed up with the Environmental Working Group (whom the brand describes as “the reigning authority on all things clean”) to create the Clean Cash Calculator. Powered by the EWG’s Skin Deep Database, the calculator allows users to compare the products they are currently using to Billie’s clean alternatives. The calculator will generate a score between 1-10 (1 is the best) and if the product you’re using isn’t as safe as Billie’s offering (all of their products rate between 1-2), the brand is giving you credit to spend on their items.

Start sleuthing and shopping here.

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