Photography via Instagram/@staticnailsofficial

The Best Press-On Nails (That Don’t Look Like Press-Ons)

Nothing’s worse than chipped polish, especially when it feels like you just finished painting your nails. And although a professional manicure lasts way longer, the costs can definitely add up. That’s where press-on nails can save the day. They’re the easiest way to show off super cool designs without the constant splurging and potential harm to your nails if gels aren’t properly removed.

And these aren’t your grandma’s press-ons. Today, there are more options than ever. With intricate floral patterns and metallic geometric shapes, it’s clear that these aren’t the press-on nails you simply slapped on when you were younger. From cult-faves that line the shelves of department stores, to beautiful bespoke items on Etsy, we’ve created a list of our favourite places to shop for press-on nails.