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The 9 Best Places to Get Microblading in Canada

Brow filling and grooming is an ongoing task, but consistently dealing with eyebrow pencils, powders, gels etc gets tiresome when yours are already so sparse you’re practically building brows from the ground up.

That’s why microblading (a.k.a. eyebrow embroidery) is taking off. The semi-permanent tattoo differs from regular eyebrow tattooing in that it uses a small blade that sort of resembles an X-Acto knife made up of tiny needles to deposit pigment under your skin. The tool is dipped in pigment, then used to make small, hair-like incisions in the skin (a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort beforehand). The result is perfectly full, yet still natural-looking brows that Anastasia Soare would approve of.

Here’s the thing, though: microblading isn’t a quick process — in fact, it’s quite tedious. Sessions can take up to two hours and at least one touch-up session four to eight weeks after your first appointment is required. And while there is technically no down time following the procedure, it will take between 35 to 30 days to fully heal. It also isn’t exactly wallet-friendly — it can set you back a few hundred dollars. However, it does last for one to three years, depending on skin type and how its maintained.

The most important thing when looking into microblading, however, is finding a reputable salon or technician to do it for for the best quality treatment and to avoid any infections.

Below, we round up the best microblading locations in Canada:

1. Ritual, Toronto

Ritual is the salon behind some of the most prominent microbladed brows in the city, including those of bloggers, TV personalities and more. Their signature “eyebrow embroidery” pricing includes the first touch-up, if it is performed within three months of initial service.

You can watch microblading in action at Ritual below:

$650. Visit for more info. 

2. Studio Eli. Ross Inc., Montreal

Dubbed “Montreal’s eyebrow guru,” Elina Ross is the go-to gal in the city for microblading and Nano needling (a different technique than microblading or permanent makeup). In addition to performing these services, Ross also offers education and training.

From $350. Call 514-692-4545 for more info. 

3. The Brow Babe, Saskatoon, Sask. 

Saskatchewan’s go-to “brow babe,” Lizzie is said to be the “best kept secret in Saskatoon.” Trained in Los Angeles, Lizzie started her business to “spread the brow love” to her hometown. Brow Babe offers a complimentary touch-up session eight to 12 weeks after the initial microblading session and requires a $100 deposit.

From $650. Visit for more info.

4. Studio Sashiko, Langley, B.C.

Helmed by Instafamous brow guru, Shaughnessy Keely, Studio Sashiko, brings in clients from around the world and has received recognition and features from international publications. The studio is named after SASHIKO 刺し子, a Japanese style of needlework which translates literally to “little stabs.” Prices vary depending on artists — Keely’s work will set you back $800 for a session, plus an additional $150 for the first touch-up, while microblading from more junior artists costs $500 for the initial session). Sashiko is also opening an academy for training in cosmetic tattooing.

From $500. Visit for more info. 

5. Brows by G, Winnipeg

Started by Giovanna Minenna, Brows by G is said to be the industry leader in all things microblading. G’s team of specialists have performed over 2,000 procedures and Brows by G has certified over 200 microblading technicians across Canada through their training program. The initial service does not include touch-ups, and a consultation costs $35 (though, it is optional).

From $400. Visit for more info. 

6. Lash Envy, Halifax

Lash Envy is Halifax’s first and only lash and brow salon and offers microblading and eyelash extension services. Their 3D eyebrow embroidery will set you back $375, with a $100 fee for touch-ups. Clients who are looking for “fixing” of previous microblading from another salon can expect to pay $250.

$375. Visit for more info.  

7. b for Brows, Vancouver

Brenda (or “B”) is a Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows Artist with impeccable attention to detail. The former dental assistant makes “dream brows one hair stroke at a time” — just look at her portfolio and rave reviews for proof.

From $570Visit for more info. 

8. Pretty in the City, Toronto and Markham, Ont.

Founded by Veronica Tran, Pretty In The City is a go-to destination for eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading. Tran has studied under well-regarded industry professionals such as Irina Levchuk, Daria Chuprys and Branko Babic, and is also one of the first in Canada to be certified with PhiBrows. Pricing includes a follow-up visit six weeks post and a $100 deposit is required at time of booking.

From $550. Visit for more info. 

To learn more about microblading, check out the video below:

9.Winks + Whims, Calgary

Between an ultra chic interior to an Instagram page chock full of stunning brow transformations, Winks + Whims in Calgary is a great place to head if you’re looking to give your eyebrows a makeover in 2018.

From $475. Visit for more info.

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