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The Best Deciem Products: The Abnormal Beauty Company’s Best Offerings

In April, the Internet went crazy for a $6 foundation that had a 25,000 person waitlist worldwide. The product, which comes from Canadian brand The Ordinary, received rave reviews from beauty editors and bloggers everywhere for its effectiveness and price point.

Flash-forward to October, and the brand announced a follow-up to its wildly popular foundations — a foundation that’s lighter than water.

Truth be told, The Ordinary is anything but ordinary. The brand falls under the umbrella of a larger company called Deciem (a.k.a. The Abnormal Beauty Company), a Toronto startup founded by Brandon Truaxe (formerly of Indeed Labs) in 2013. Its premise? Creating products using cutting-edge science and offering them at modest price points.

Deciem has 10 brands (hence the company name, which stems from the Latin word decima, meaning 10 in a sequence), with products ranging from skincare to haircare and even supplements. All of the products (and their packaging) are created, designed, tested and manufactured at Deciem’s Toronto HQ, located in Corktown on Richmond Street East, which is what allows the company to be so cost-effective. The sales, marketing, administration and logistics teams also share this space.

The Abnormal Beauty Company currently has stores in Toronto, Seoul, Mexico City, Australia and London, and its products can be found at Boots, Sephora, Urban Outfitters and more.

Ready to try Deciem? Check out some of their hero products below:

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