The best beauty product packaging of all time: 15 iconic buys we’ll always love

Photography courtesy of Chanel

What’s in a beauty buy? Well, endless market research, a handful of scientists and a host of retail wizards. And once a product is packaged and ready for the retail world, consumers (us!) are put to the test.

And of course, there’s more going on beyond just the name game (hello, Nars Orgasm). Visually stimulating packaging is also important. We want to be excited and inspired when we enter any space, so we’re all guilty of buying something at Sephora just because we were transfixed with the packaging.

From simplistic designs, to bold and eye-catching, we have a storied past with these iconic finds. We’re uncovering some of the best in beauty that’s cleverly disguised in brilliant packaging. Browse the gallery below to see our picks for the beauty products with the most iconic packaging.