How to find the best bar soap (yup, you read that right) for your skin type

Question of the day: Do you prefer bar or liquid soap? While both effectively wash dirt, bacteria and oil off your skin, bar soap is the reigning champion when it comes to being more environmentally friendly, concentrated and generally cheaper in price.

Why else are bar soaps oh so good? They are typically made with fats, oils and require less energy to produce, while liquid soaps are watered down, contain detergents and produce 20 times (!) more packaging. If that doesn’t convert you to team bar soap, we don’t know what will.

Before you start stacking any ol’ bar soap into your cart, note that not all are made the same. There are different types for dry, sensitive, acne, aging and oily skin. We’ve rounded up five types of bar soaps that uniquely target various skin conditions so you can find the right one for you.

Sensitive skin: Beauty bars

For those with sensitive skin, beauty bars are formulated without lye (a common ingredient in bar soap), meaning they’re extra gentle and packed with hyaluronic acid. It’s even gentle enough to be used on your face, which is typically a no-no when it comes to bar soaps due to the fact that some of the concentrated ingredients could be too harsh for that area.

Dove Go Fresh White Beauty Bar (, $5)

Acne-prone skin: Black bars

Black bars don’t remove existing acne, but they do work to prevent excessive oil production and bacteria growth that cause acne in the first place. The ash from the soap naturally exfoliates and, unlike other acne products, black bars are gentle on the skin. It may take a few weeks for black soap to hit full effectiveness but in time you will see your skin start to clear up. Tip: Use black bars as a quick mask to really deep clean.

April Skin Magic Stone Black (Korea Depart, $19)

Oily skin: Cleanser bars

There is such a thing as over-cleansing, especially for those with oily skin. If you wash your hands or body excessively, you can cause your skin to dry out, creating more oil and clogged pores. Cleanser bars can be used daily and typically contain shea butter, which soothes, balances and protects oily skin.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Gentle Cleanser Bar (Sephora, $18)

Normal to dry skin: Glycerin bars

Winter is here and dry skin is a common concern for most of us. Bar soaps contain more ingredients that hold the soap together, commonly drying out your skin due to higher pH levels. Glycerin bars are gentler and have lower pH levels, helping skin retain its natural moisture. Glycerin is also hygroscopic, helping your skin moisturize throughout the day by attracting water from the air.

Dial Refreshing Coconut Water Glycerin Soap (Walmart, $5)

Aging skin: Herbal bars

Since herbal bars are all natural, your skin can really soak up the goodness from mother earth. Look for ones containing sandalwood, a scent that can uplift your mood and wards off wrinkles and saggy skin.

Cascadia Sandalwood & Comfrey Herbal Bar Soap (The Cascadia Soap Co., $4)

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