The surprising beauty benefits of tea that will make you reconsider that second (or fourth) cup of coffee

Benefits of tra

Benefits of tra

It’s time to start drinking, beauty-lovers. (Put down the bottle; we’re talking about tea.) The health benefits of tea are well-documented (such as protecting against heart disease and diabetes, heightening mental alertness and even carrying anti-cancer agents) but did you know this calming beverage can totally up your beauty game as well? Reducing puffy eyes and moisturizing dry skin are just some of the beauty benefits of tea. We’re showing you why a steaming hot mug of tea has quickly become our new feel-good fixation.

Tea (especially white and green) is high in antioxidants, which can help with acne and inflamed skin. It also hydrates the skin and body, which is especially essential in the summer months. As well as consuming the bev, you can add shine and brightness to your locks by steeping two tea bags in boiling water for ten minutes, cooling the mixture to room temperature and then pouring the mixture over your just-washed hair. Let it sit for ten minutes, then wash and condition to seal in the gloss! Another impressive benefit of tea is its ability to reduce the redness of a sunburn. Fill a pitcher with warm water and soak the bags until the water is almost pitch black. Soak a rag in the water and apply to the burnt area, allowing it to soothe the skin. Another great trick is to use your earl grey tea bags to reduce puffy eyes and dark eye circles. After steeping your tea, place two tea bags in the fridge. Once cooled, lay back, close your eyes and cover them with the bags for ten minutes. The caffeine helps to shrink the blood vessels underneath the skin.

With the rise in tea’s popularity over the past few years, the flavours are seriously endless these days. Whether you like fruity and sweet, spicy, or good ol’ black, there truly is a tea for everyone (just make sure to only use unflavoured types for beauty treatments). So if you’re not out the door already, go get yourself a cup. Your skin and hair will thank you.

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