A Behind The Scenes Look At Our April Cover With L’Oreal Makeup Artist Sir John

Celebrity makeup artist Sir John—yes that’s his real first name, and it was bestowed upon him by his grandmother—is known mainly for having full access to Beyonce’s face. The two met in 2010 backstage at a Tom Ford show when Charlotte Tilbury, who Sir John was working with at the time, assigned him to make Bey up. It was a moment that would forever alter his career; a year or so later the singer offered him a contract.
This past January the New York-based beauty pro paid a visit to Toronto with L’Oreal Paris and we were lucky enough to have him work on our IRL vs. URL-themed April cover starring Coco Rocha, for which he had to do a total of five looks and be wrapped by 5PM. We can tell you that not only did the man remain unflappable in the face of such time constraints, but stayed creatively focused. Watch our behind the scenes video as he takes us through the five beauty looks and the key tip for each one.