The 15 best beauty finds we’ve ever come across at Whole Foods

Photography by Peter Stigter

Thinking of making the switch to organic beauty? Let Whole Foods Market become your mecca for all things paraben and formaldehyde-free. The purveyor of fine, organic foods has long carried bath and body products, but in recent years they’ve expanded the Whole Body department to include everything from makeup to hair treatments, even nail polish and body buffers, all made with naturally derived, pure ingredients and materials. Best of all, Whole Body carries local beauty lines, like Toronto’s own Crawford Street, along with cult favourites like Egyptian Magic and Phillip Adam hair care. You’ll find products here that you won’t find anywhere else!

For newbies to the natural world, start by slowly swapping out products as you finish them for organic options, and try them with an open mind. Natural-based products can often have different scents and consistencies, and it’s normal to experience breakouts as your skin flushes out toxins from previous products. Stick it out with organic skincare and you’ll see major benefits (think glowing, hydrated skin) and you’ll have an extra spring in your step every time you head out for groceries. Lettuce and lipstick? Now that’s a shopping list!

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