12 Amazing (and Totally Reasonable) Beauty Tips from the Victoria’s Secret Angels

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, just picture a very pink, very well-organized jungle. Cameras, glamazons, hair extensions—they’re everywhere! During my first trip to Angel town, I was hell-bent on proving that #iwokeuplikethis does not apply to looking that perfect. (Leave some for the rest of us, amirite?) Like any typical theory, it was proven, like, kind of correct. It turns out sometimes, yes, there’s an oxygen facial behind those perfectly supple lips. And other times? “A little meditation, a little bit of stretch, a little bit of yoga—that’s it” (according to Alessandra Ambrosio, who immediately made me want to kill myself)  So, rest easy-ish. Here are the tips they swear by.

“Don’t touch your eyebrows ever. Always love your brows. I have really thick eyebrows and I got made fun of for them at school and now look at me! Everyone’s like ‘You have great eyebrows!’ So don’t touch [them]! But I wax my upper lip for the show because for makeup and live television I thought it would like…just be chill. Because don’t need that girl ‘stache hanging out.” —Taylor Hill

“During the night, I use Vitamin E and Argan Oil on my face. They get a little sticky but I don’t care, I just wash it off in the morning.” —Adriana Lima

“My beauty tip is to sleep. I sleep a lot and drink a lot of coconut water. I use a cucumber mask—that’s the only thing I do to my face because I don’t like a lot of product; [my face] is already tired of makeup.” — Lais Ribeiro

“I’ve been lasering and I recommend it. Every woman should do that! It may be expensive but it’s worth it and you don’t have to get waxed again. And you’re never going to miss that hair. So, laser all the way.” —Martha Hunt

“I love a fragrance. I think if you have a fragrance, it just instantly makes you feel a little bit sexier.” —Lily Aldridge

“I just tried cryotherapy for the first time because Lily [Aldridge] told me about it. I just did it last night and I was in so much pain. I like to try things at least once. She was like ‘It tightens everything up and it’s only 3 minutes’ so I was like, ‘Yeah I’ll give it a try, that’s nothing!’ You feel every second of those 3 minutes. Especially me – I hate cold, being from Puerto Rico. I was freezing. But after I felt so good and refreshed and I was like ‘Okay, it wasn’t that bad!” —Joan Smalls

“I think it’s super important to exfoliate. Any kind of sugar one is nice. I make them at home all the time.” —Lily Aldridge

“I like to steam a lot. Steaming’s really good for your skin. Steam and sauna.” —Lily Donaldson

“I got an oxygen facial last night. They plump up the oxygen in your skin, which helps bring out the cheekbones and the lips.” —Martha Hunt

“Red lipstick. That is just sexy to me. Any time.” —Adriana Lima

“Last night I just put on coconut oil, like a really thick layer so it would soak into my skin and I would feel really fresh when I woke up.”—Taylor Hill