5 beauty resolutions you should try in 2016

new years beauty resolution
new years beauty resolution

Yes, we know vowing to work out more and eat better are always on the top of our list. Changing up our old wardrobe habits is also a given. But what about experimenting with new lip colours or upping your skincare game by mastering the art of the 10-step Korean regimen? The options are endless.

It being a new year, there’s no better time to step out in a new look. While we’ve already set some resolutions back in the fall, we’ve turned the spotlight onto our Beauty Panel this time around. Who knows? Maybe one of our panelists’ resolutions will inspire you as well. Share and tweet your 2016 beauty resolutions with us @FASHIONCanada.

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new years beauty resolution

Kira Paran
Edmonton | Northern Style Exposure

My beauty resolution for 2016 is to actually take the time to have a beauty routine! Since becoming a mom two years ago, my makeup and skincare routine has drastically changed. The main difference is time; I don’t have the same amount of time to myself to apply makeup with precision or go to the dermatologist for skincare treatments.

For 2016, I want to make the commitment to myself to find five minutes every morning to treat my skin plus apply a fast and easy makeup routine. Plus, I want to commit to 15 minutes at the end of my day to care for my skins needs. I know it sounds simple but I think most mothers with a baby or a toddler get it. It can be difficult to find the time, let alone try to get it done with a baby in toe but I’m willing to give it a go. To make this beauty resolution easier I think I may need to have a second resolution of using products that are multitaskers or get amazing results on their own. Basically, I don’t see myself contouring my face with 5 different products every day. So I will need to invest and learn to apply some beauty game changers like the perfect primer, amazing mascaras and maybe a tinted bb cream as examples. I commit to hunting down products that get results and are easy to use.

new years beauty resolution

Colleen Conroy
Vancouver | Blush Rouge

Ah, New Years…the time of year when things feel exciting and fresh! The perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year past, as well as conjure up a few new goals for the future. I love this process, and it certainly doesn’t waiver when it comes to beauty.

Here are my top three New Years beauty resolutions:

Try out a fun hair colour: Specifically pink. Cotton candy strands may have already been trending for a while now, but they are still fully on my radar. To make taking the plunge slightly less scary (and a little more temporary!) I found an amazing deep pink conditioner (pictured above) meant to intensify natural or red coloured hair in between salon visits. Since it is temporary and in conditioner form, it won’t be as damaging on your hair. I’ve been told this product mixed with plain conditioner (to lighten the colour), gently brushed into the hair, will result in a beautiful light pink tone, lasting approximately 2-3 weeks.

Be more aware of chemicals in products: There are so many great products popping up on the market that don’t involve harsh and harmful chemicals. Think about it, these things are being absorbed into your skin, nails, lips, etc. I know sometimes things can be hard to avoid, but my goal this year is to become more aware and opting for some of those more earth & body friendly products. My picks to check out: Bite Beauty- This lip company makes every product with food-grade, antioxidant ingredients, which means they are completely ok to ingest. Considering how many times we unknowingly lick our lips in a day, why not use a product that is good enough to eat? Bio Seaweed Gel Polish-These gel nail polishes are Big 5 Free, meaning they do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. Plus they are odorless, dustless and safe for all ages…including pregnant women. With a huge selection of colors you will have endless (and safe!) possibilities for polishes that last up to two weeks.

Start a beauty ‘look jar’: How many times have you wanted to try something new and fun with your hair and makeup but when you go to do it, you’re stumped? So then you resort back to the same old-same old because it’s easy and familiar? Ya, me too. This year I’d like to keep a little jar on my vanity filled with pieces of paper, each containing a different ‘look’ that I can pull out for inspiration. For example: coloured eyeliner, gold smoky eye, high ponytail, bold brows, big waves, etc. This way, I can base my look on these daily suggestions and never be left with a dull beauty moment.

new years beauty resolution

Katie Elwood
Vancouver | Katie Elwood

Every year I generally stick to the same goals, eat better and workout more. Now don’t get me wrong. One of my 2016 resolutions is to be healthier but I also have a few beauty resolutions to add this year. A big part of wanting to be healthier has to do with the fact that I am now in my 30s and notice changes to my skin. In my opinion, this problem can be helped two ways; diet and skincare. Which leads me to my first beauty resolution: up my skincare game. I have always done the basics plus the occasional mask. This year I will make sure I actually use my eye cream and will be exploring serums and elixirs.

As a makeup artist I am constantly playing with different products and colours on my clients but my personal makeup routine has started to lack a certain wow factor. Always a fan of bright lipsticks, this year I want to step out of my own makeup rut and be bold with my eye makeup. Think bright blue eyeliner and pastel shadows. My last beauty resolution is to master braiding. Since often I am in a rush to get ready and have more hair than I can style in 5 minutes, braids are the perfect go-to hairstyle for me. Do you have any beauty resolution? Or will you add any of mine to your list?

new years beauty resolution

Jennifer Francis
Durham | Spiced Beauty

My New Year’s beauty resolution is boring but it will totally change my life… Are you ready? It’s to always wear a lip liner. As a Woman of Colour, I’m always unsure if some colours will suit me. With the addition of lip liners in my life- I’ll be able to explore more. Also I’ll be prolonging my lip colour.

I’m totally obsessed with everything matte right now. To prep my lips- I start with a great a lip scrub. Then I add Rimmel Kate Conditioning lip balm to my lips before I do my eye makeup to soften them. Once that is done, I use another secret weapon- Too Faced lip insurance lip primer. This product locks in my lip colour and it’s matte. Then I feather my lips with a velvety lip liner. Right now, Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourites because it’s waterproof. Lastly, I fill in with a liquid lipstick. That’s it! 10-hour lips with no touch up.

new years beauty resolution

Erica Davis
Toronto | Diary of a Trendaholic

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions I totally dread it. There is a lot of pressure to get fit and make huge strides when I haven’t even accomplished the long list of goals I set the previous year. I am all for making positive changes but I personally view self-improvement as a constant, ever-changing journey, purposefully carried out throughout life and not limited to New Years. That being said there are some beauty resolutions I would like to improve upon. As a beauty blogger and editor I feel obligated to stay on top of my beauty routine so here it goes…

Since contouring has been all the rage in the beauty community, this year I vow to do more of it. It’s not that I can’t define and highlight, it’s just that I’ve totally slacked off. I like the transformation I achieve from accentuating my profile but all that blending can be tedious. After watching the creative clown contouring video on Instagram by the beautiful BellaDeLune I knew it was time for me to brush up on my skills and get my sculpting on!

I’ve accepted the fact that winter wreaks havoc on my hair and skin and although I use lip balm every day my pout would benefit from more exfoliation. I always remember to slough away the dead cells on my face so it’s about time I revitalize my parched lips with some of those luscious sugar scrubs I’ve been hoarding in my vanity.

The last thing on my beauty resolutions list is getting my hair trimmed more often! Admittedly I have totally failed when it comes to keeping my ends in shape and since my hair is now very long my sporadic split-end search and destroy missions are clearly not enough. It’s about time I find a reliable salon to keep my hair looking as good as my makeup.

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